Wirral Environmental Network has joined with Transition Liverpool in developing a map for green community and business enterprises within  Mersey Region. For Wirral this  means the mapping and expansion of our Big Green List.

We will launch the Mersey Green Map via Zoom at 7 pm on Thursday November 19th

Full details to follow.

We aim to support green jobs, to encourage people to shop locally and sustainably and to get involved in local sustainability initiatives. The Mersey Green Map will make it possible for people who wish to reduce their carbon footprint to more easily identify and support organisations and  businesses with green credentials.

Free to use and with an initial focus on Mersey based food organisations (growing, processing, sales), the Mersey Green Map will show the description, location and contact details of green organisations and businesses. The map is also open to other local, sustainable and ethical groups and businesses including:

  • community activities
  • green transport
  • green energy and green utilities
  • development of green buildings
  • greening of the environment.

This will allow us to:

  • Recognise and celebrate what is already happening in our region
  • Look at what is missing
  • Join the dots to strengthen our community, network and create a collaborative and stronger voice
  • Enable us to better share resources and drive forward change

More details on the Transition Liverpool website https://transitionliverpool.org/mapping-project/