Wirral Initiative on Trees

Wirral Environmental Network is a member of Wirral Initiative on Trees, an umbrella group of Wirral organisations set up in 2017 to share expertise and local knowledge of trees, woodland and hedgerows and the threats they face.

One of the first priorities for the group was the need for a Wirral Tree Strategy. Through working with Wirral Borough Council, the group helped to write and develop the Wirral Tree, Hedgerow and Woodland Strategy, which was ratified by the Council in 2020. Another project originally proposed by the group was the i-Tree Eco Study to map and evaluate Wirral’s trees. Field studies and a public survey took place in summer and autumn 2022 and the data is being reviewed before a final report is produced.

More details about Wirral Initiative on Trees and the group’s projects can be found on their website:

Wirral Tree Wardens

Tree Warden logo

Wirral Environmental Network worked with the Wirral Tree Wardens at St James Garden, where the Tree Wardens established a tree nursery to provide a supply of trees to be given to local people and community groups.

In 2023, the original Wirral Tree Warden group closed and then the Wirral Tree Warden Network was relaunched by Wirral Council, in association with The Tree Council.

The Wirral Tree Warden Network is a passionate community of tree-loving volunteers dedicated to preserving and enhancing our local treescape.

As Tree Wardens, volunteers can engage in a variety of activities such as tree planting, tree walks, a book club and educational workshops.

Find out more about the Wirral Tree Wardens and how to join the network: