Projects that promote sustainable lifestyles – planting trees, greening your community, growing your own food, community gardens, reducing waste, reusing and upcycling furniture, reducing your energy use and lots more.


Talks, courses, workshops, environmental information stalls, events, quarterly magazine and online channels to increase awareness of environmental issues and the many Wirral based organisations that help with sustainable lifestyles.

Environmental Hub

Physical base in Wallasey providing information, support and advice. Networking events through the year which help individuals and groups connect, share knowledge, skills and experience. Produce Wirral’s Big Green List of sustainable organisations.


The aim of the organisation is to advance the education of the public about the preservation of our world’s natural environment, ecological sustainability, natural resource conservation, waste management, recycling, and the principles of Fairtrade within Wirral and the surrounding area.

Where are we based?

The Sandon Building, Falkland Road, Wallasey, CH44 8ER.
Telephone: 0151 639 2121. Fax number: 639 4826.

How to get there

The office is halfway along Falkland Road – look for blue railings and an orange roof.

Our entrance is at the right-hand side of the building as you look at it.

The entrance at the other end belongs to Energy Projects Plus.

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What is sustainability?

Sustainability is now a term used internationally to describe an approach to life that many believe to be mankind’s only viable chance of avoiding the environmental disasters that now seem to be part of our future.

It is also a chance to reassert the value of social and environmental issues in a world that is becoming more and more materialistic and money orientated. It stresses that environmental issues are bound into social and economical ones, and are not to be considered as separate, or less important.