About us.

Wirral Environmental Network is a local charity which aims to advance the education of the public about the preservation of our world’s natural environment, ecological sustainability, natural resource conservation, waste minimisation, recycling and the principles of fair trade, within Wirral and the surrounding area.

It is also a focal point for sustainability issues locally and is the administrative centre for projects including A-Z of Horticulture, Health through Horticulture, Wirral Tree Wardens, Furniture Reuse, Reuse Craft Groups, Cool Communities, Carbon Literacy and many more.

Together with Green organisations throughout the country, we believe we are a potent catalyst for change. But this change will not happen automatically. We need people from all walks of life to join us. We can all see the problems planet Earth is facing, so we shouldn’t need much persuading. This is important work, and it is very rewarding.

As an environmental education charity, we seek to inform, advise, encourage and support people and groups to make the changes that will lead to sustainable lifestyles and communities.

We achieve our aims through

  • Sustainability projects
  • Environmental hub – physical and online centre for Wirral sustainability information
  • Education, talks, workshops and courses around environmental themes
  • Networking events, promoting local groups and facilitating communication
  • Wirral Evergreen – our newsletter where our members can promote their activities.  Information on local and global environmental issues, a diary of events and the latest news on fundraising opportunities.

As a non-party political organisation, we believe we can bring about change by motivating people to take charge of their lives.

WEN Memorandum

WEN Byelaws November 2013

WEN Charter

WEN Carbon Footprint – Locally Determined Contributions

Aims and Objectives