Wirral Environmental Network has become part of Friends of the Earth’s Climate Action Network. This means we will

  • Push for a local climate action plan – a key thing we can do is to ask our council to adopt a climate action plan. Many councils have recognised that we are facing a climate emergency but don’t always know what fixing it looks like. To help with this Friends of the Earth recently analysed how climate-friendly each local authority area
  • Wirral Council is already working on this and we will keep you updated
  • Create local solutions to climate breakdown – transport, power, buildings, agriculture, infrastructure and international justice hold the key to tackling climate breakdown. From planting trees, to setting up a community energy scheme, or organising a walking school bus, it’s up to our members and the groups we work with to implement the solutions which feels like something that can improve where we live and reduce emissions.
  • We already support many groups and organisations who want to take environmental action. If you have an idea, get in touch.
  • Support the demand change at a national level – we will join forces at key moments throughout the year to demand big urgent changes.