WEN was delighted to have the support via the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory Project in preparing our carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint at 4.1kg per year is lower than the industry average for the space we use.  We consume 1/10th of the electricity and 1/5th of the gas compared to industry benchmarks.

But still work to do:

* Collect and review information for electricity, water, waste, gas, staff commuting and business transport on a regular basis.

* Consider recording itemised waste.

* An increase in electricity usage of approximately 10% was noted for 2018 and 2019 in comparison to 2017. Consider whether new appliances were purchased or if there are other reasons why the electricity usage may have increased – note that because WEN is not responsible for the entire electricity bill, it is possible that another tenant may have contributed to the increase in usage given that the percentage split was kept consistent for all three years.

* A significant proportion of the CO2 emissions can actually be attributed to business transport and staff commuting (46.62%). Although it was noted that a portion of staff take sustainable methods of transport (i.e. cycle/walk) regularly, consider encouraging a focus on active travel.