Wirral Tree Wardens
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2019 Events

Visit our website to see this year's events: http://pdellwand.wixsite.com/wirraltrees/calendar-of-events, or download a copy of our programme.

Tree Wardening

This is a way for volunteers to play an active role in championing their local treescape. Tree Wardens can get involved with a range of activities, from practical projects such as planting and caring for trees to gathering information about local trees, campaigning for better tree protection and planning and developing imaginative projects to encourage others, including community groups, families and schools, to value their local trees and woods.

Wirral Tree Wardens

We operate on a voluntary basis within Wirral Environmental Network. There are voluntary tree warden groups across UK, co-ordinated by a charity, the Tree Council, which helps us increase public awareness of tree issues, including diseases and threats to our trees. http://www.treecouncil.org.uk/About-Us We are also members of the Orchard Network https://ptes.org/campaigns/traditional-orchard-project/orchard-network/ and The Conservation Volunteers http://www.tcv.org.uk/ We work closely with community, sustainability and environment groups and are keen to help with local tree issues and initiatives. There are meetings every second month, and regular practical projects. These activities are open to anyone to join in and we are very happy to swap skills and ideas.
We manage a demonstration orchard at Brimstage Hall as a countryside stewardship project to restore and conserve a traditional orchard with its associated wildlife and landscape. This is subject to planning applications as the landlords, Leverhulme Estates, are considering making a car park inside the orchard, to which we have made objections. More details are available on the Wirral Tree Wardens FaceBook page.

Meeting details

Tea and coffee from 7.15pm, meeting starts 7.30pm.
Come and find out more about Tree Wardens, raise issues of local concern and help plan related events.

Meetings are held at the Serpentine Road Family Church (also known as the Garden Church,100, Liscard Road, Wallasey, CH44 0AA)

For more details about tree wardens, email: genevieve_w@msn.com or leave a telephone message for tree wardens at Wirral Environmental Network, 0151 639 2121.

Planning meetings are open to everyone and are attended by anyone who wants to have a say in how the Tree Wardens runs, we set meeting dates, planting dates and sites, work days, workshops, etc. We welcome any members attending, either as individuals or as representatives of "Friends of.." groups and are happy to help with any tree project or issue you may have.

Lunch, tea and coffee are provided on work days in Brimstage. Please bring own tools and gloves, wear stout boots and old warm clothing.

Social dates like wassails or visits or workshops, we advise you bring lunch, normally a "bring a plate to share communal meal."