Saving Water
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Did you know?

  • if everyone in the North West ran a tap for one minute every day it would be enough in a year to fill a major reservoir.

How to save water in your home:

  • check for leaks & faulty washers
  • take showers instead of baths
  • wait until you have a full load before using your washing machine - buy one which has half-load capacity or low water usage
  • refrigerate drinking water to save running the tap waiting for cold water
  • collect rainwater for watering the garden/washing the car - or bike
  • water your garden in the evenings to avoid evaporation
  • use cooking water as stock
  • recycle more - use washing up/bath water to flush the toilet or to water the soil around non food plants
  • low flow shower heads fill spray taps, faucet aerators, and dual flush toilets all help to conserve water
  • write to your local water company asking how much water it loses in its pipes through leakage and what it is doing about it


Flushing the loo takes up one third of the water we use every day. Fitting a Save-a-flush device in your cistern saves around one litre of water every time you flush. Why not send for your free Save-a-flush device today?

We can supply "free" save-a-flush(es) in any quantity - just send a book of four second-class stamps for EACH one to cover P&P and admin and a note of your address to:
Wirral Environmental Network
Sandon Building,
Falkland Road,
Wallasey, CH44 8ER.

Please note that if you live in a house or flat built after 2000, we advise you not to fit the Save-a-flush in your toilet cistern. Toilets fitted after 2000 tend to have a low-level flush, using only six litres of water, which is already water efficient. The toilet may not flush properly if a Save-a-flush is fitted in these toilets.

Bottled water

Why not purchase a water filter to get taint-free drinking water, instead of buying bottles of water. This will not only help to reduce your waste, and the transport burden on the environment, but will save you money. The filters can be recycled, by sending back to Britta by freepost.

Did you know?

- a typical user contaminates 13,000 gallons of clean water to flush away only 165 gallons of bodily waste a year. North West Water 01925 0345 462200