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Congestion on our roads affects us all

  • it affects health by pollution and stress
  • it affects quality of life by contributing to the destruction of the environment
  • it costs business over 15 billion a year

Be part of the solution

  • for shorter journeys, get out the bike or walk - walking or cycling more means better health, which in turn brings better quality of life. It also saves money. Contact Merseyside Cycling Campaign on 0151 653 3887.
  • use public transport where possible - its probably easier than you think. Check out local travel options at Merseytravel For local and national public transport options visit Transport direct
  • car sharing reduces the number of vehicles around - and cuts costs
  • if you need a car, buy one that is petrol-efficient, and to get the best out of it have it serviced regularly. Use your car only when you really need it.

Transport Action Group

This group holds meetings, open to all, for people who would like to help transport on Wirral to become more environmentally friendly. For more details of Transport and other Action Groups see get involved page.

Wirral Transport Users Association

Brian Grey, 56 Coombe Rd, Irby, Wirral CH61 4US. Tel 0151 648 3070

Wirral Community Transport

Membership scheme for community groups who want to hire a minibus. Tel 0151 513 7277

Merseytravel has a pivotal role in improving the quality of life on Merseyside by promoting cleaner, healthier ways to travel. It works closely with operators and local authorities to develop a transport network that is environmentally sustainable and meets passengers' demands for a system that is efficient and safe.

Merseytravel is also piloting new energy efficient, clean electric Eco buses in Birkenhead as part of the EC's JUPITER initiative.

Together with the area's five district councils, Merseytravel Health & Safety launched Merseyside Travelwise, showing the transport choices people can make each day to improve the environment.

Merseytravel Community Links runs various advisory panels and encourages community initiatives. Call 0151 236 7676.


Sustainable Transport in the UK

Transport direct