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Library and Resource Centre

Over the last decade the internet has become the main source of reference for everything under the sun but its not always the best source. The obvious example is wiki sites these are sites which anyone can write, add to or amend without any specialist knowledge, perhaps biased and certainly without any peer review. This is where books, documentary videos and similar old-fashioned academic reference materials come into their own.

Here in Wallasey we have revamped and greatly updated our library with many of the latest titles and an ever-growing collection of videotapes, 35mm slide-sets, audio tapes and CD-ROMs, most of which are available for loan and, in many cases, copies can be supplied (where legal) at a nominal cost.

Many of these have been donated or bought using donated funds or book tokens to keep the costs down, and the collection is open for anyone to borrow every day except Thursdays. The subjects include anything environmental, from fundraising to wildlife to waste to politics to, well, you get the idea.

If you are not yet a member of WEN, on your first visit we will require two written items of identification showing address and telephone number. Simply give us a ring on 639 2121 to check that someone is here, then pop down!
.library and resource centre


  • health
  • government / human rights
  • society / lifestyle
  • ecology
  • pollution
  • environmental issues
  • gardening
  • food
  • wildlife
  • recycling
  • crafts
...and more.
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