Please can you help us continue our environmental projects in Wirral?

We have put together a whole heap of brilliant ideas to help you help us by doing something enjoyable and, often, just more of something you already do!

If you have an idea that will help to raise funds and/or awareness of environmental work in Wirral, why not have a go? We can provide help such as promotional leaflets and posters. Please look through the ideas below and see what you can start doing:

  • Sponsored events such as walks, bike rides, sky-dives, or even a sponsored silence! Are you sporty? Run a mile! Swim a mile!

  • Have a stall selling crafts, bric-a-brac etc at a local event and share the profits.

  • Give a talk at your school or community group and ask for a donation (suggested amount of 20 per hour)

  • Organise something special at work, school or community group such as a funky hat day and ask everyone to make a donation (usually 1) to be allowed to wear one.

  • Music - If you are in a band you could organise a charity gig!

  • Jewellery Recycling
We have registered with Please ask us for as many envelopes as you like, free of charge.
Please put your unwanted gold, silver, costume jewellery and watches, complete, broken, in parts, whatever, into the envelope and pop into a post-box. It really is that simple - bubble-wrap or similar is an optional (but recommended!) extra.

  • Collection tins
If you know a shop or café: or pub willing to display a collection tin, let us know and we will let you have one, sealed and labelled, with a sign and some leaflets. It would be up to you to swap it for an empty one as required; we would send a receipt / acknowledgment to the business concerned.

  • Dinner4Good
Dinner4Good is a brilliantly simple idea. You raise money by doing something that you already enjoy - having friends round for dinner!
Go to and create your own personalised 'Dinner Page'. Email invitations are sent to your guests who then visit the website to see whats on the menu and who else is invited. Guests can RSVP via the site and make a donation in return for the wonderful dinner you are hosting. There is no hassle with collecting cash as Dinner4Good takes care of everything, including the Gift Aid application - all you have to do is eat, drink and have fun!
So...get the ball rolling and have a Dinner4Good!

  • Everyclick is a search engine that gives half of the revenue it generates to charity. Use it to raise money for Wirral Environmental Network whenever you search the web. All you need to do is go to their website and select Wirral Environmental Network as the charity you would like to support. There's absolutely no charge to you or to us. Once you have selected us as your chosen charity, dont forget to set Everyclick as your search engine homepage.

  • eBay
How to sell and donate - dont panic! Most of these steps are once-only and then you can just add a donation at the end of your listing. Suggestion - add a small amount on to the P&P charge on your listings, especially on low-value items.

1. Register with as a seller and sign into your account.
2. Follow the steps to list the item you want to sell.
3. On the "Pictures and Item Details" page, click "add" to launch the charity search tool and choose a charity on whose behalf you want to donate.
4. Search for Wirral Environmental Network within the charities directory, using the advanced search.
5. Create a Seller account on the MissionFish site, if you haven't done so already. It's quick, simple, and free.
6. Decide how much of the proceeds which you would like to donate. You can donate any amount from 10%-100%.
7. Follow the final few steps to submit your charity listing.

  • Membership
We are a membership organisation, and we run a Supporters Draw

  • Last but not least - legacies
Writing us into your will is a particularly important way of supporting our work. Legacies provide a welcome extra income for us, helping us to care for the environment and tackle long-term projects. Legacy gifts to charity are tax-free and can be managed to reduce the total inheritance tax payable on an estate.

Thank you for anything you can do!