Ethical Shopping
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  • Get reusable shopping bags and refuse plastic carrier bags.

  • Try not to buy goods with excess packaging. You pay for what you throw away. Don't forget to use the grey bins for the unavoidable packaging.

Local Shopping

  • Support your local shops. Supermarkets have sprung up all over Britain, while local shops have closed. Many specialised jobs have been lost, such as butchers, bakers, fishmongers, newsagents and milkmen.

Money spent in supermarkets bypasses the local economy. They make billions of pounds in profit, and pay huge salaries to their executives.

Supermarkets have huge power over farmers. Many small farmers have gone out of business and bigger ones have been forced to cut corners on labour and environmental standards. The average income of a UK farmer is below the national average, and fruit and vegetables cost more in a supermarket than the average market or greengrocer.

They add to pollution by transporting goods from large centralized distribution centres and encouraging people to shop out of town.


  • High Street fashion is quick turnover of clothes at cheap prices.
Cheap clothes usually means that the garment workers are working in factories that have poor working conditions with poor wages. High Street fashion shops are not going to go away, so it is up to us to use our voices and consumer power to demand that the workers involved in the production of the clothes are getting a fair and living wage.
Check out Labour Behind the Label, Ethical Consumer magazine and the Clean Clothes company for more information and action postcards. If you feel strongly join our Fairworld Action Group.


  • Look out for the FairTrade logo.

FairTrade Foundation logo

This ensures that producers have a fair deal when trading.
To find out more about FairTrade and to look at our FairTrade Project go to the Wirral FairTrade Campaign page. See FairTrade Foundation website at


Nearly 8 million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK. Most of these end up in landfill, and make take hundreds of years to fully decompose. It's also cheaper to buy and wash reusables.

Wirral Environmental Network have a video which is available to borrow.
The facts are also presented on the Women's Environmental Network website.

In Wirral you can get your real nappies from:

LOLLIPOP - contact Emma Erskine 07743 790260

HAPPY BUMS - contact Jo or Tracy 200 3416