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Energy Action Group

This group has regular meetings, open to all, for people who would like to help with energy saving on Wirral. For more details of Energy and other Action Groups see get involved pages.

What can you do?

A guide to how YOU can change your lifestyle to help the environment and save money.

1. Consider how you can save heat and electricity at home. Invest in draught proofing, insulation, low energy light bulbs and such like, and save 1000s. Further, you may be eligible for a grant. For more information visit the Energy Projects Plus website. They will provide you with a free home energy action pack.

2. Don't leave lights and appliances on when their use is unnecessary. A chilling fact: if all UK households left their TVs on standby over one night, enough carbon dioxide would be produced to fill 38 Millennium Domes.

3. Consider changing to a solar water heating system; a cost-saving set-up becoming more and more popular in the UK. It pays back within two to three years, and then starts to save you money.

4. Don't tip large amounts of chemicals down the sink. It only ends up in your local ecosystems where your food comes from. Furthermore, a house which is too clean and sterile reduces your immunity systems, especially in children. Be thoughtful about cleaning.

Energy Projects Plus

The Energy Projects Plus wesite offers a free Home Energy Check, which can help you to save on your heating bills. It links to the Cheshire and Merseyside Renewable Energy Initiative web sites, and runs energy efficiency advice centres (EEACs) in Merseyside and Cheshire.