Wirral Environmental Network Newsletter

Wirral Evergreen (WEG) is the Newsletter of Wirral Environmental Network

Our quarterly newsletter covers a wide range of environmental news and views. Many of the stories we cover relate to Wirral but we also cover information and opinions on national and international topics.

The following issues of WEG are now available to download in PDF format:
WEG 27-Autumn 2017
WEG 26-Spring 2017
WEG 25-Spring 2016
WEG 24-Winter 2015
WEG 23-Summer 2014
WEG 22-Winter 2013
WEG 21-Summer 2013
WEG 19-Spring 2012
WEG 18-Winter 2011
WEG 17-Summer 2011
WEG 16-Spring 2011
WEG 15-Winter/Spring 2010/11
WEG 14-Winter/Spring 2009/10
WEG 13-Autumn 2009
WEG 12-Spring/Summer 2009
WEG 11-Winter 2008/09
WEG 10-Summer 2008
WEG 9-Spring 2008
WEG 8-Winter 2007
WEG 7-Autumn 2007
WEG 6-July 07
WEG 5-Jan 07
WEG 4-Sept 06
WEG 3-Jul 06
WEG 2-Apr 06
WEG 1-Jan 06

Archives of older copies of WEG can be viewed on line
Archives 2000
Archives 2001
Archives 2002
Archives 2003
Archives 2004
Archives 2005